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(Home)School & Distance Learning

Enrichment Program

For children entering Grades 3, 4, & 5

Three 5-Week Series starting Sept. 8th

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Daily Schedule


RaMa LuNa’s (Home)School Enrichment Program




WHY enroll in this enrichment program?

This enrichment program is the perfect supplement to a Homeschooling and/or Distance Learning program.   It is an engaging program, designed by a career educator and teacher-trainer, that allows for elementary-aged children to move their bodies, stimulate their minds, imagine and create, as well as recognize and regulate their emotional states, learn a new language, and make new friends.   

WHAT does the program include?

Each half-day session will include the following:

  -Opening Activity

  -Yoga & Mindfulness (indoors and outdoors!)

  -Art and/or Music 

  -Language Arts


  -“Read & Float” in the aerial hammocks

WHO can enroll?

This program is only for children entering 3rd, 4th, or 5th grades.  If there is enough interest, we would be happy to design a program for K-2 and/or 6-8 as well (let us know!)….but this one is just for elementary aged boys and girls.


WHEN is this happening?

There are three 5-week series, which run on Tuesday mornings from 9:15am-1:15pm.  When you enroll, you enroll for the entire 5 weeks.  You may enroll for one, two, or all three series since the curriculum is different for each one.  The dates of the series are as follows:

          TUESDAYS 9:15am-1:15pm

                 Series 1:  September 8 to October 6

                 Series 2:  October 20 to November 17

                 Series 3:  November 24 to December 22      


WHERE is the enrichment program happening?

The program will take place at RaMa LuNa Center for Yoga & Well-being, located at 282 Main St. extension, Middletown, CT 06457.  We’re located in the Sanseer Mill, right next to CVS, on the top floor of the blue-green Palmer Eyecare building. 


HOW MUCH does it cost?

Each 5-week series costs $299.


HOW MANY students may enroll?

In an effort to allow for ample space for the children to move their bodies while they flex their intellectual muscles, only 8 students may enroll in each series.  We anticipate that these spaces will fill up fast, so early registration is recommended. 


DOES the curriculum align with the state frameworks? 

Each week is sequenced to build on the lessons from the prior week, whereby fostering the intellectual, emotional and holistic growth of each child.  While the lessons are age and grade appropriate (we used the 3rd, 4th and 5th grade state regulations as loose guidelines when designing our program), the subject areas are not taught “in silos” as they often are in public schools.  Instead, each week’s lessons are thematically-based, allowing the child to easily make connections from one subject area to another, creating a strong foundation for the Liberal Arts and tapping into children’s natural ability to apply concepts across the curriculum.


You can take a look at a sample theme-based day of activities below.


WHAT does my child need to bring?

Upon enrolling, you will receive an email with a complete list of what your child will need to bring, as this differs slightly from series to series, based on the curriculum. 


WHAT should my child wear?

Your child should wear comfortable, loose clothing that he/she can easily do both floor and aerial yoga in. 

What COVID-19 protocols do you have in place?

We have many COVID-related policies and procedures in place in order to keep everyone as safe as possible.  In short, the  instructors will wear masks throughout the program and the children may opt to wear masks.  Also, each child will have one assigned – and fully disinfected - aerial hammock which will not be shared with any others.  For more information about the multitude of precautions we are taking, please see the COVID-19 section of our website.

HOW do I enroll my child?

Click on the REGISTER HERE button below, which will take you to the enrollment page.  From there, click on the corresponding series you would like in order to submit your non-refundable deposit of $50.  The deposit is required for each series in which you register your child.  Only 8 spots are available for each series, open on a first-come, first-served basis.  Upon receiving the deposit(s), we will email you the required paperwork and final payment link(s).    

Sample Theme-based Lesson Plan:

THEME:              Rhymin’ Simon


Language Arts   

  • Book:  “Winky, Thinky, Stinky”


  • Activity:  Write a theme-based poem (in pairs) that rhymes. 




  • “Pairs” of poses

    • Standing vs. Floor

    • Floor vs. Aerial



Art / Music      

  • Lesson:  All about Rap


  • Activity:  Put your poem to a beat!  Create your own rap




  • Lección:  Phonics in Spanish


  • Actividad:  Trabalenguas en español

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